i'm liz, i'm 20. look at these life ruiners:

bj imy sfm :(

on fb, i tend to unsubscribe to people when i don’t want to see their updates. i still want to be their friend, i just don’t want to see what they post. this happens for two reasons - either they’re annoying as fuck, like jackie, or i get really sad whenever they show up on my tl, like patrick.

now i unsubscribed from patrick probably three or four years ago, because every other day he was flirting with a new girl and every time i saw it, it hurt. i was young and dumb and i loved the guy, what can i say?

sometime last week i decided that what he posted wouldn’t hurt my feelings anymore, because i’m past that point in my life, so i subscribed to him again. i’m making this post to say it’s really weird to see him on my timeline again after so long of him not existing as far as my facebook was concerned.

(he basically hasn’t existed in two years as far as my real life is concerned because he barely speaks to me but whATEVER)

everyone whovworks for for you hates you
your own father wants to fire you
i fuckin hate you

there’s always one person who has to be creepy and hits on everyone and whenever anyone is talking they turn the subject to make it about themselves and that person needs to go ahead and not



black rims


black paint job


blacked out lights

2011 Hyundai Tiburon.

Please and thank you.

Ummm ma’am…there’s no such thing as a 2011 Hyundai Tiburon :D

yeah bruh i didn’t know shit about shit when i posted this, adios

khaleel calls me like daily since he’s been at PT. i like hearing from him but the other day he called me at 7:30am like BRUH why is u awake. and why is u calling ME?! i didn’t see the missed call until i woke up (fuck i look like sleeping with my phone on loud??) but still dude whyyyyy are you calling me at 7:30am??? .———-.

glad we get to finally see them kiss… even if julian is dressed as a girl!

glad we get to finally see them kiss… even if julian is dressed as a girl!

finding carter is such a horrible show.

as a pre-teen i thought like “i’m not gonna have sex until i’ve been dating the guy for at least a year” and i had rules like i had this ideal for what losing my virginity would be like.

in reality i lost my virginity to someone i never dated and hadn’t known longer than like 5 months. i don’t regret how it happened or that it happened, like everyone says it’ll be like if you lose it with someone you don’t love.

i’m glad it happened, the way it happened (no matter how awkward) and with the person it happened with.

i miss patrick and matt. i miss hanging with them and enjoying their company. now they live in tallahassee for college but it’s 2 months into their summer break and i saw patrick once, in early june. he says he misses me, he acts like he wants to hang out, he hasn’t spoken to me since june. of any friendship i’ve had that i want back, it’s his and matt’s.